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Important Announcement - December 22, 2016
Dear Nirvana Live Guide readers and supporters,

We are pleased to announce that the content of the Nirvana Live Guide will soon migrate to a new section on called LiveNIRVANA Concert Chronology, where it will be merged with existing content from LiveNIRVANA Tour History.

Charles Furth will lead the integration for the LN team, and Mike Ziegler has offered to continue overseeing the content.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to the Nirvana Live Guide, many of whom have gone to exceptional lengths to help us document as many live performances as possible. Special thanks to all those who assisted in bringing recordings, photos, and memorabilia to our attention. For us to be able to see and listen to the live performances is one of the band's most important and lasting legacies.

We will therefore be closing the Nirvana Live Guide discussion forums to new registrations and posts, effective immediately. (Viewing the discussion forums has also been disabled as of January 2019.) We suggest that contributors continue to discuss their new information over at the forums.

Please also be assured that your valuable emails and contributions to us have not been lost; the LN team will respond to them all in due course.

Kris Sproul, Mike Ziegler, and Charles Furth